Senior UI/UX
and front-end


Hello, my name is Eve, pleased to meet you.

I am an experienced front-end developer from Bedfordshire, UK, specialising in UI development, clean user interfaces and flawless UX.

I have been coding + designing since 2010 and worked on projects such as Mott Macdonald and Sequence homes websites rebuilds, and Connells surveyors and Connells Group websites UI design and development, to name a few.

I am currently working at Dominos UK. Here, I lead a front-end development team focusing on the UI components library used in Domino's e-commerce website.


  • Development team lead / UI library

    @ Domino’s Pizza UK & Ireland Ltd
    • All of the responsibilities from the previous role at Domino’s.
    • Also, as a Development team lead, I am now responsible for leading and managing the team of developers. This involves providing feedback, addressing any issues, having regular 1 to 1s, half-year and yearly performance reviews.
    • I recruit and onboard new colleagues, lead daily standups and any other planned or ad-hoc meetings.
    • I work closely with UX/UI designers, Product Owners and other dev teams.
    • At Domino's, I am the main point of contact for UI & the front end. 

    Domino's design system/UI library - UI development, unit testing, documentation

    Tech stack: Vue.js, Nuxt, TypeScript, SCSS, HTML5, Storybook, Mocha & Chai
  • Senior front-end developer / UI library

    @ Domino’s Pizza UK & Ireland Ltd
    • At Domino's, I am responsible for the UI side of the front-end projects. 
    • I mainly work on Domino's design system / UI library. I build reusable components in Storybook and help less experienced developers produce high-quality results.
    • I write unit tests and documentation for the code and make sure our code supports various browsers. 
    • Besides writing code, I organise and prioritise the work for our team and set the standards in the tools and methods we choose.
    • Also, I take accountability for the quality of the visual appearance and make sure the state of code is up to the standards.

    Domino's website re-skin - I recently lead a successful Domino's UK eCommerce website re-skin in preparation for the new platform and design.

    Tech stack: Vue.js, Nuxt, TypeScript, SCSS, HTML5, Storybook, Mocha & Chai
  • Lead front-end developer

    @ Connells Group
    • When I was promoted to the front-end lead position at Connells, I was made in charge of all front-end projects, which meant I set standards in front-end code and tool choices and took responsibility for the visual appearances of our web projects. Also, I helped less experienced colleagues with their day-to-day tasks.
    • Another part of my job was maintaining a high awareness of industry issues and trends, particularly regarding accessibility, usability, and emerging technologies.
    • On top of that, I kept all responsibilities from my previous role at Connells. - Last project done at Connells (95% completion). UI design and implementation, CMS integration - UI design and implementation, CMS integration

    Figma API design tokens system - Figma API, NPM, JavaScript, Node.js

    Tech stack: Figma, Vue.js, CSS3, SCSS, HTML5, Umbraco, BEM
  • Senior front-end developer

    @ Connells Group
    • UX/UI design - I created user-centred designs for various Connells Group websites and portals using Figma and Adobe XD.
    • Front-end and UI development - I wrote semantic, modular front end code using HTML5, CSS3, W3C coding practices, SASS, JS, Vue.js and other technologies.
    • Creating prototypes for various POCs.
    • Also, I created and maintained UI libraries for various projects. - UI development, CMS integration

    Tech stack: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JS
  • Front-end developer

    @ iCentric Agency
    • Converting designs to code using LESS, CSS, HTML & JS
    • Integrating CMS to the front-end - UI & front-end development, CMS integration - UI & creative development, CMS integration

    Tech stack: LESS, CSS, JS & HTML

Case studies


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