Senior UI/UX
and front-end

Hi, I’m Eve

I am a front-end developer from Bedfordshire, UK, specialising in UI design and development, digging clean user interfaces, fast loading times, optimised user experiences and accessibility.

I currently lead a UI focused team at Domino’s UK, where we are building an accessible and scalable UI components library.

Case studies


From Outdated to Modern UI: How We Reskinned a Legacy Domino's Website

  • front-end
  • reskin
  • UI development
HULT International

How do you animate 78 SVG shapes in less than 10 days?

  • CSS3 Animations
  • front-end
  • SVG Animations

How do you present your skills in an original way?

  • front-end
  • Headless CMS integration
  • UI design
  • UI development